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02. Training & Facilitation

Training & Development Programs

Organizations are fuelled by the knowledge, skills and capacities of the teams of people working within them. We work with organizations to design custom training and capacity development programs. Examples include, unique leadership development programs to build unity and distributed leadership, staff on-boarding programs, or programs on how to measure  and monitor performance with key data indicators and reflection cycles enabling improvements as a learning organization. We deliver such training programs and can also train and coach individuals within your organization  to deliver them ensuring sustainability.

Stakeholder Workshops

We have facilitated 100+ stakeholder facilitation workshops bringing together diverse audiences to hear various view points to foster more collective intelligence. These have been across government organizations, companies, and civil society. In addition, we work closely with Boards and leadership teams to facilitate productive dialogue and build agreement and support for new strategies. We believe successful implementation is only possible with authentic stakeholder support.

Nonprofit Accelerator Program

In partnership with Root Cause Consulting, and supported by Atlantic Philanthropies we designed and delivered a 4-month accelerator program for early stage nonprofits to help them develop a clear business plan and the develop skills and messaging to pitch for funds. This program included monthly training modules, weekly coaching meetings, and a culminated with a  business plan pitch event in front of prospective donors. participants received additional funds based on their more comprehensive business plans and pitches.

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