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03. Consulting & Advisory

Strategy Consulting

Knowing where you are going, how to allocated limited resources, and having an actionable plan to get there, is critical to all organizations. We have worked with civil society organizations, INGOs and companies to help them develop research based, actionable strategic plans in North America, Asia and globally. Through a collaborative process clients use our tools and process, combined with their knowledge and our insights, to develop a new strategy that is supported and understood by the team. 

Shared Value Consulting

As one of the first organizations to become certified as Shared Value consultants through the Shared Value Initiative and Foundation Strategy Group, Lotus Consulting has helped organizations understand and embrace this more holistic and extensive view of CSR.  We work with companies to educate them on  the concept of shared value, and develop a company specific shared value strategy based on their business needs and constraints, thereby fostering societal benefits and economic benefits. 

Other Advisory

Lotus Consulting also supports other advisory work for clients on governance, program development, and results based measurement and evaluation based on the theory of change. 


Addressing a Company Need through Social Impact

Led a leading P&C insurance company to develop a new framework for its philanthropy and CSR through a research based process. Developed an integrated approach supporting education that coupled grant making with more high impact initiatives leveraging the skills and expertise of the company. Created a signature career paths initiative enabling students in the local community to develop the aspiration for further study, the awareness of university and career options, and the access through financial support. This addressed a business challenge of a shortage of educated and qualified workers at the companies Headquarters. 

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