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01. Research & Analysis

Research Diagnostic

Most of our projects embed research and analysis as a core component to gain a deeper understanding or diagnostic of the current situation. This includes primary and secondary research to develop evidenced based findings. We develop custom survey instruments, facilitate focus groups, lead stakeholder interviews, and conduct detailed qualitative and quantitative data analysis to extract robust findings.  The diagnostic is used to ensure the strategy is developed using a solid foundation of evidence.  

Knowledge Products

We also conduct research and develop it into internal reports and knowledge products for clients. One example is the stock take report developed for UN Women's China Gender Fund to analyze the previous 15 years of grantmaking. the  50-page report was filled with graphs, tables and analytical insights which paved the way for a more robust grantmaking strategy. Working with One Sky, we also produced a knowledge products on Chinese donors that was shared with the sector to contribute and encourage the development of Chinese corporate philanthropy and CSR. This report is called "Catch the Rising Tide".

 First Ever Study on Chinese Donors

Catch the Rising Tide

In 2014 Lotus Consulting co-authored the first report on Chinese donors supported by the Skoll Foundation. “Catching the Rising Tide—Chinese Donor Strategies and Implications” reveals five distinct donor segments and their related behaviors around philanthropic strategy, decision-making, nonprofit engagement, measurement and reporting needs.


This is the first report I have ever seen specific for Chinese donors, with in-depth interviews, insights, and analysis of various donor needs. The report reveals key insights and implications that are critical for the long – term development of the philanthropic sector in China, and help us better understand the behaviors of the various donor segments. It is clear donors can contribute more than just funding to advance our Nonprofits.

Dean of China Philanthropy Institute

Wang Zhenyao

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