Lotus Consulting is driving social impact in Asia and across the world through consulting, capacity building and research, plus incubating our new education programs.



There are so many nonprofits and/or social enterprises in the world, so many founders with great passion, but in the end how many achieve their missions, how many are able to scale and create greater impact, how many have the skills and strategy to be effective?

Strategy and Program Implementation

Using our core strategy expertise, we have facilitated the development of research based strategic plans for numerous nonprofits in North America and the Greater China region. But strategy is not enough.

Impact Measurement

Measuring impact is another core area of focus so the nonprofit can continually understand the impact they are having and modify the programs and systems to strive for greater impact.


We cannot forget that nonprofits also need great Boards to govern them. The relationship between the Board and the Executive Director is fundamental. We have conducted Board assessments, facilitated Board governance improvement workshops, and have helped organizations identify and recruit effective Board members.

Cross Sector Collaboration

Having a singular view that our nonprofit will solve this social issue, without regard to the other organizations in the space will prohibit progress. We help facilitate the relationships and potential partnerships between organizations in a similar space, and even foster new ideas through collective impact.



Donors have the power to do so much more than just give, while this is critically important. In China there is a surge of new donors and we conducted the first ever research study on Chinese Donors. This research arose from a project funded by the Skoll Foundation in support of Half the Sky, one of their social enterprise awardees.


Through our research and experience we have a unique understanding of the donor segments – Chinese Companies, Multinationals, Early Stage Foundations created by Individual Donors and more mature Foundations – and help them to develop strategies and unique programs to leverage their assets, connections, expertise and brand to create even greater social impact.

We also are the only firm in China to be certified in Shared Value and work with companies to help them simultaneously drive business growth and social impact based on Porter/Kramer’s 2011 HBR article.



We have worked with schools and education projects in Australia, North America and the Greater China Region. This includes developing strategies for schools to have a unique value proposition, to grow sustainably, and to develop character education programs that are lived through the culture of the school. Through these learning experiences and our inspiration to create social impact, we have decided not only continue to work with schools, but to launch our own unique training and education programs.