Leveraging our knowledge and experience consulting in education, to specialize in 21st century skills and social and emotional learning


Our Aim

With an ever advancing world, it is important that students and employees have the skills and attitudes to meet the demands of the world we live in. As the World Economic Forum stated – the top 10 skills for 2020 include critical thinking, creativity, problem solving and decision making, and emotional intelligence.

Our aim is to help develop capacity building programs for students, employees, and leaders to develop these competencies and skills so they can be more effective in there professional and personal lives.

Tech companies like Google are relying more on Emotional Intelligence, as opposed to where the person the went to school or the grades they received.  – Fast Company, 2014



Our experience includes working with elementary children, high school students, and companies to help them develop such critical skills for the 21st century.

  • EQ summer camps for Elementary students: In 2015, we developed our own curriculum supported by 6 seconds global EQ organization, to develop fundamental skills and awareness around feelings, navigating emotions, optimism, choosing to respond, and empathy. These camps were a great success for Elementary students who put into practice the new language and skills they developed.
  • Parenting Course to nurture virtues and emotional intelligence: We developed and implemented an 8 week interactive parenting course which included a parents EQ assessment and child EQ assessment. The dialogue, learning and enrichment from participants created a strong bond and support among participants, all based on new skills and new perspectives on nurturing children.
  • Adult and Teacher Training workshops: In 2015 we started conducting workshops on EQ at various schools/organizations. These have ranged from introductory training workshops for 2 hours to 3 day training workshops where participants walk away with a new tool set to use in their job, and a heightened sense of awareness around their own emotional intelligence.  While EQ is the foundation, embedded in the workshops are also aspects of mindfulness, growth mindset, and virtues development.



If you are interested in having us conduct a training workshop at your organization, or work with employees or students to conduct EQ assessments and provide coaching, please contact Elizabeth directly for more information:



We are excited to be partnering with leading experts in our core focus areas:


Having completed many EQ certifications with leading global EQ training organization, 6 seconds, we have a strong foundation in conducting EQ assessments, developing educational programs, and conducting tailored training workshops for both companies and schools/parents.

Homa Tavanagar is the renowned author of Growing Up Global, a prominent guest speaker at education conferences, and has also developed toolkits for cultivating global competence in any classroom. We work with Homa on our educational programs.